Thursday, October 19, 2017

4 pairs of animals that look like other animals and how to tell the difference

I remember a time when I was younger that I was excited when we had to learn about animals in science class, I was sure that everyone loved animals as much as I did. The one thing I liked learning about were the animals that mimicked another animal in the wild so they wouldn't get eaten or would camouflage themselves so well that another animal couldn't find it. Cool huh?

Scarlet King Snake vs Coral Snake

pictures from Flordia Fish and Wildlife [pic 1][pic 2]
The Scarlet Kingsnake and the Coral Snake look like they can be twins, but picking up the Coral Snake would equal terrible pain or possibly death. So how can you tell the two apart? There's a rhyme to remember which snake is safe to touch the rhyme goes, "Red touches yellow, kill a fellow. Red touches black you're okay Jack." Another good indicator is to check a snakes nose. The Coral snake has a black nose. If you're in doubt don't touch the snake.

Seal vs Sea Lion

pictures from Pixabay
If you were really truly wondering what the difference between seals and sea lions is, look no further. A seal has claws on its flippers while a sea lion lacks claws. Another difference is the ear flaps, the sea lions do not have ear flaps while the seal does not have one. The spotted guy in the photo is a seal for those wondering. 

Salamander vs Gecko

pictures from pixabay
Is it a gecko or is it a salamander? They're both lizards, right? A gecko and a salamander can make babies and live happily ever after. Eh, not anywhere close. A salamander has no scales and is not even a reptile. That cute little slimy guy on the right? He's a salamander. The guy with the scales and the sticky-looking feet. He's a gecko. A gecko is a reptile. They are not related and can not make a salamander and gecko hybrid. 
Moth vs Butterfly
pictures from pixabay
I've heard of people being fans of butterflies but not moths. But how does someone tell the difference between the two? They both start their lives as catapillers. But when they enter their hibernation phase. The moth makes his cocoon out of silk, while the butterfly makes a hard chrysalis that becomes it's home. After they're done growing, it's a lot easier to tell the difference between these two. A moth's antennae are fussy while the butterflies are bare. But the easiest way to tell the difference is to notice how they land. A butterfly usually closes his wings, as a moth, on the other hand, keeps his wings straight, and have been compared to a tent.   

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Good Mews from Little Miss Freya

Freya was excited that I was going to write her blog post today, you know since kitties have paws and can't type fast? She had a lot of things that she told me that she wanted me to talk about and I told her I'd do my best to help her along.

Freya has hit the kitty gold mine this week when it comes to special Freya gifts. One of which wasn't really meant for her, but because she's a silly little diva cat, it worked out being something nice for her.

This is a tub, the tub had sheets and a pillow in it. We were meaning on throwing the sheets out because we had way too many. Freya, on the other hand, found a new purpose for the tub. It's her own personal bed. She loves it, I even walk past to go to the bathroom and she's snuggled in the fetal position and I almost forget she has a head because it's buried in the tub. That, that to me is simply adorable.

I'm thinking about keeping the tub with the sheets and pillow in it if she's really that comfortable. She's adorable when she's comfy. The look on Freya's face is the one she gives me when I bother her. I feel so bad for doing it, but I wanted to take the picture for the purpose of showing everyone how comfy she really is.

I now know who to make a bed for, because she's indeed very comfortable. Even as I say that Freya's laying in the hallway in her cute little makeshift kitty bed. It looks comfy right?

Now here comes the other half of this amazing stuff Freya got this week. This week she got a sample of wet Meow Mix cat food. She loved it, she also ate so fast that it didn't agree with her, and hit her esophagus and made her food all come back out of her mouth and all over the floor. I was nice enough to clean it up almost right away.

She did like the cat food though. She's just not one that wants to share her cat food. Which I really do understand and I'm fine with that. Really I am. She loves being the new cat food taste tester in this household. Monkey helped, but not to the point Freya did. Freya also wanted me to tell everyone she tried the cat food and between sleeping, sat on me to be sure I was talking about her.

Maybe Friday, Freya will have more to talk about as far as her new bed and food are concerned. Much love,
Trixie 'n Freya

Monday, October 16, 2017

25 adorable rat photos to melt your heart and change your mind about rats

Old McDonald had farm E-I-E-I-O, and on this farm, he had a rat E-I-E-I-O, with a squeek squeek here, and a squeek squeek there, everywhere a squeek squeek. Old McDonald had a rat, E-I-E-I-OOO. Like my song? I loved it. It's picture day for one of my favorite animals, rats some people call them vermin, but I call them beautiful pets, and after these cute rat pictures I'm sure you're going to agree.
Sleepiest little bub
source: It's So Fluffy
Aww ❤️❤️
source: Hope Elephants
Remind you of anyone we have known? Just made me think of you!
source: It's so fluffy
Connotations: "For example, the word rat denotes or points to a kind of rodent, but the attached meanings of "selfish person", "evil-doer", "betrayer", and "traitor" reflect the feelings that have accumulated around the word. (Rottenberg and Winchell 266)
source: Pinimg
What Is The Best Bedding For Pet Rats?
source: Hubpages
Rat Fan Club                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr
source: Wuvely
Rat in pot plant
source: It's So Fluffy
The Creation of Rat - Album on Imgur
source: IMGR
teeny tiny baby!
source: It's so fluffy
source: Wuverl\y
We're sweet, not scary.
source: Hope Elephants
darlingrats: “ A Lazy Raturday – I got home to find Rosie and Jess asleep in the hammock together. Sweetest snoozing ever. ❤️ ”
source: stinky ratties
And you’re all like… | What It's Like To Be Single, According To Cute Rats
source: Buzzfeed
Don't tell me this is not adorable! Rats can be pets too, they are really smart :)
source: aww things
Baby back pack - You will wuv what's in here! I'll give you the best deals to make our pooch friends happy!
source: Sarah Elizabeth
Like a sweet piece of chocolate.....
source: Pet Helpful
Mama and Baby Rats
source: Michelle Nyree
Voldemort is so handsome! :)
source: It's So Fluffy
To Understand the Banana, You Must Become the Banana
source: Cheez Burger
Cornrats omg I need to do this with my ratties
source: Its So Fluffy
Make one special photo charms for your pets, 100% compatible with your Pandora bracelets.  What beautiful markings!
source: LadySeverine
Rats are cute pets too :3
source: Rats Have Feelings Too
Cute little feet Aww
source: It's So Fluffy
They love banana!
source: It's So Fluffy
Fancy Rat:Smol Friend
source: Rat-tastic

Friday, October 13, 2017

10 Times Freya Inspired me To Be my Best Self

I never saw Freya as a cat that's pushed me to be an amazing person, but looking back at the past year. She has, and because of that. I am so happy to have such an amazing cat in my life. She's an amazing little furry friend.

1. She forces me to get out of bed some mornings: Freya loves to wake me up in the morning by stepping on my neck or on my chest and purring really loud. It doesn't matter if she has food or not. She's stepping on me and letting me know it's morning and we need to spend time together.

2. She knows the perfect way to relax me: If I'm tired and she knows it, she'll come and crawl right on my arm, in such a way that calms me to the point that I fall asleep.

3. Freya makes sure I don't overeat when Freya's around: Freya always wants my food. She's a sweet little kitten.

4. She's a creative influence: When I want to write about something. Freya's always around giving me ideas. If I want to play video games she's around.

5. I have someone to talk to: I have other people to talk to, but Freya on the other hand, if I talk to her, she's not judging me. She's just sitting there purring and giving me those beautiful eyes.

6. She's stopped me from going to the store: This is not the same as checking out what I'm eating. The night she joined our family, she stopped us from going to the store. I was going to go to the grocery store for an energy drink, and candy. Thank you, Miss Freya.

7. I now have a cute kitty water bottle thing: When in pain nothing helps more than a cute and cuddly Freya. She's warm and she's very interactive.

8. She's taught me that I need to sit other places: If you move your feet you lose your seat. It's her motto. I don't mind sitting on the floor every now and then. It's more comfortable.

9. If I want to lose weight all I have to do is copy Freya: The arching her back, running from one room to another and all of the stretches she does.

10. She's intuned to my feelings: Freya is intuned to my pain and tiredness. Nobody has been able to read me more than she does.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

That Moment When You've Been Watching YouTube too much and start daydreaming about snakes

It's time for another one of those suggestions on people to watch that are cool animal folk. Why? Because Freya and I have been watching this guy for awhile. He's what spawned my snake post last time. I get asked from time to time, "You like bunnies and rodents why do you like snakes? They're snake food." The answer is, "Snakes don't get to chose what they eat." If they don't have a choice, that's fine. I'll feed them (if I had some).

Brian Barczyk's vidoes always make me smile. It's not just because he's so positive and believes in sharing positivity with people. Except for the episode when his dog was sick. I almst started bawling watching the episode. I admit it. I was, "Oh dear lord don't let him cry." I need my dose of positivity. But the video reminded me that everyone's human and seeing that he has feelings is fine, and it's normal.

I love watching the snake videos. Like I said before, that I was originally going to get me a snake before I got my rats. I just knew nothing about snakes and there was hardly anywhere to get a snake from. They had pet stores in the area, but I didn't trust pet store snakes. Some of the tanks said *Returned because he was vicious* not saying that snake is vicious, but warnings on tanks does put you off, and I wanted to get a snake from someone who knew what they were doing.

It was funny, just the other day after watching one of Bryan's videos, a girl I went to school with was holding one of her 5 snakes. I was more interested in what morph it was, and for the first time ever. I didn't have to run to Google. Bryan's videoes helped me understand what morph her pretty baby was. Thanks!

Bryan's snakes are always so awesome. I've learned more about snakes by watching his videos than I would have learned if I scrolled the internet. Oh and another cool thing is that Bryan's in Michigan as well, many many miles away when I say many miles I mean a 3-hour drive.

The only person, well the only animal that doesn't like me watching Bryan's videos is Miss Pretty Princess Freya. She thinks that I'm going to replace her with a snake. Or maybe it feeds her to a snake. Poor girl, I love her. Freya's jealous, I won't replace her or feed her to a snakey snake.

If you want to be more knowledgeable about snakes, check Bryan out. Don't say I didn't warn you

Sunday, October 1, 2017

15 Halloween Inspired Pet Names

Have you ever thought about naming your pet a Halloween sort of name? Freya's name was going to be Pumpkin, but we changed the name because it didn't fit her too well and my husband jokes that it's tougher to spell than Freya. It's almost been a year since she came to live with us as a skinny stray cat. These are 15 female Halloween inspired names and their meanings. We'll do male names Monday.

  1. Candy: French Sweet
  2. October: Latin Eighth
  3. Winifred: Welsh Blessed Peacemaking 
  4. Reese: Welsh Ardor 
  5. Moon: Word name 
  6. Tootsie: English Young Lady or Young Girl
  7. Carrie: French Freeman
  8. Samantha: Hebrew Told by God
  9. Belladonna: Botanical Name
  10. Elvira: Spanish White Fair
  11. Lolly: Latin Bay of Laurel
  12. Jetta: English Jetta
  13. Wednesday: English Woden's Day
  14. Hazel: English Hazel Tree\
  15. Sabrina: Latin River of Severn

Saturday, September 30, 2017

25 Adorable Puppies Just to Soften Your Heart

Freya actually told me to write this blog post, we have two new neighbor dogs. She said that we did a thing about 25 cute kitties, but we haven't posted about puppies. She says she's jealous of the neighbor dogs, but she wants to share pictures other dogs. She's quite a sweetheart. She thinks all animals deserve love.

Cutest black lab puppy
image source/Dog Names and More

This cutie braving her very first car ride. | 29 Puppies Who Are Far Too Cute For This World
Catahoula mix
source/fallin pets

Chloe ❤ Puppy Pic  shop cool dog stuff at
source/pup home
Cutest Dog Breeds in the world. Follow me for more cool pics and information about puppies and dogs.  #cutest #dog #puppy
source/Animal Facts
Adorable cute beagle puppy in hands... to see more click on pic…
source/Buzz Sharer

source/Dalmations of Instagram
teacup goldendoodle
source/Southern Curls 'n Pearls 
German Shorthaired Pointer - Puppies are soo adorable with their little sad faces. by LauraV
source/Pup Home
Puppy Time!! Meet my 7 week old mini Australian Shepherd, Oakley.
source/Motodrew Imgur
Boxer puppy - Although I am a Shih tzu lover.. I have to admit boxers are one of the  best breeds ever, protective yet playful! So good with kids! Love them! Next dog????
source/Our Dogs Got a Blog
This little lady who has ears that are so adorable the entire population of planet Earth has been overcome with cuteness. MY WIFE WANTS ONE.
source/Top 10 Dog Photos
Blue Bay Shepherds
source/Blue Bay Shepards
Cute puppy sitting on couch.. Click the pic for more awww
source/Play Buzz
And when this little girl forgot which way to take a selfie. | 23 Times Golden Retriever Puppies Were Huge Dweebs
VETERINÁŘ KA PRAHA 21 A OKOLÍ                                                                                                                                                                                 More
source/Mimi Bazar
Cute Fluffy Border Collie Puppy
source/Just Viral
long haired dapple dachshund | Show us your pups thread - Overclockers UK Forums
source/Pup Home
They exist in the world. | 21 Reminders That Puppies Still Exist In 2016
source/Buzz Feed

Blue roan cocker spaniel - I'm hoping to get one of these beauties in the summer! So excited!!!
source/Clicker Training Online

PUPPY!  My mind says,"Oh god, that'll cost a lot…"  But my heart says,"I DON'T CARE, JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY!"

charcoal lab puppy! by maribel - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes! <3

I used to have a dog exactly like this and I would call him Sabastian and my sister would call him Alaska. Two years later he got stolen ❤️
source/her campus
Golden Retriever Husky Mix - This. Is. My. Dream. Dog. I had no idea my two favorite dogs could exist in one!
source/pup home

I'm in love with this pittie...

Freya also says to check out your local rescues and animal shelters. They have many cute dogs and puppies that need homes.