Friday, August 18, 2017

Freya talks about Black Cat Appreciation Day

Oh, oh, Freya's here to write a very important message to her cat friends. Especially her black cat friends, because it's Black Cat Appreciation Day. She knows that her black cat friends are being killed every day at shelters, and most people look over them because they're supposed to be scary and bad luck. Freya knows the truth she knows her black buddies aren't as bad as they look. Freya herself has black fur cat on her, well sort of, it's really black brown, and tan, but Freya doesn't care. Since Freya knows the importance of black cat appreciation, she told me to dictate what she says for her, so it'll be easier to read.

A message from Freya 

Dear people, 
Did you know my friends the black cats are put to sleep because nobody loves them enough to take them home? I have a home with people who love me, but these can't don't. They don't know what it's like to have someone hold them when they're scared, they don't even know what it's like to give someone a penguin, because they're in their cages. The cages are so teeny. I went in a cage once, and it made me cry. I had to get out.

Black cats only look different, they're not mean, they're not bad, and they're not scary. My human mom and dad both had a black cat before, and they were cool kitties. I've met some when I was living on the streets, they weren't bad at all, just very misunderstood.

Let me tell you about living on the streets, because I don't think many people understand how scary it is. The only water I could get was water from puddles, or water from lakes and ponds. The lake by my house has bad stuff in it from the hospital. When it comes to food, not everyone is nice, and some days I'd go hungry, and others people would feed me. But what was really scary was at night, it got cold, and dark and I'd shake because it was so cold. I'd hide under cars, even though I knew I could get ran over, just so I could feel safe. When human man and human woman adopted me, I was happy, they feed me when I'm hungry, I have a nice warm bed to sleep in, and a human to cuddle with when I'm told. Every cat should have a human who loves them, even the black cats.


If Freya could do more to help the black cats I would, they need a human. They're even really pretty kitties. Freya has a couple pictures of black cat friends. I haven't met them yet, but I still think they're friends. All cats are my friends.
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This black cat he's a baby, isn't he cute? She's loved by a family. And I think she has such a pretty blue collar I want one. 

Black kitties can even be prettyful. See! I'd like to have a flower crown like this pretty kitty. This pretty kitty looks so very pretty don't she?  She's not mean or scary.

My human says I have those big kitty eyes too. She calls them kawaii anime girl eyes. She's not just saying that because this kitty is from Japan, she calls them kawaii anime eyes because my eyes are big cute and very expressive.
Doesn't Mr or Mrs. Kitty look happy in her people's arms? All black kitties need to be happy in the arms of their people. 

Those are only some of my feline friends. The other friends are still in shelters, being sad and hungry with no crowns, no hugs, and not even a pretty blue collar. Please can someone save a black cat I'd be really happy.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

What if there were no more cats?

There are many different cultures were a cat is a sacred being. But what if all of the cats in the world suddenly vanished out of thin air? I can't imagine my life without Freya or Monkey, they're pretty cool pets. But how would the world change if there were no more cats? 

Overrun by rodents 

In a world, without cat's we'd be overrun by rodents. If the rodents aren't being eaten by cats and the population would grow, and with a growing rodent population, the rodents would be eating the grain, and the crops, which are fed to other animals, and causing them to starve wipe out the whole ecosystem. We'd even die if the animals started eating our crops even if someone's vegetarian, vegetables, and soy are vital parts of any vegetarian's diets.

We wouldn't have a constant companion

It's quite obvious that if all the cats vanished that we wouldn't have our beloved furry companion by our heads in the morning, or cuddling with us when we need someone to cuddle with. Some cats aren't friendly enough to have a constant companion, but Freya on the other hand is. I couldn't imagine having another animal that would sit, purr and talk to me. 

The Stress level 

This kind of goes with not having a companion, but not exactly. Cats are a great way to reduce stress, they're the cuddly little balls of fur that want to cuddle, even when you don't and their attitude is what changes the whole game plan. With a cat, you go from stressed to somewhat relaxed

We'd save money

Okay maybe this point isn't the nicest, but think about how much people pay for cat food and tons of cat toys. Don't even get me started on how much vet bills cost. We'd even save money when we buy our food, I have Freya asking me to share my food with her almost all of the time.

The world without Freya or any cat truth be told, is one of those things that we really do need. Cats are awesome friends and fantastic at getting rid of unwanted pets. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Trixie and Freya want to share something with you

It's been a beautiful, lazy Friday if I do say so myself. The weather was beautiful, everything's going nicely and it's another day for Freya to blog. I as her human believe she loves her blogging moments. She loves to cuddle and try to tell me what's on the mind of a cat, while she crawls on my back. She's even llicking my hands as I'm trying to type out this blog for her. She's a very silly kitty.

Freya and I wanted to talk a bit about what we plan on doing. Well at least right now, there's many of things that people can get for free for their kitties, and Freya wanted to let everyone else know what to get for their cats. She loves to be nice and loving to other animals who want or need foods. That also means if you can donate your pet food to the local animal shelter, if you don't have a pet, she'd love that.

Lucy Pet Products
ASPCA Pet Safty Pack
Fancy Feast
Purina One True Instinct

Miss Freya said that the list she has there is all that there really is online right now for free samples of cat stuff. She does hope it can help someone who wants to try a new cat food.

Much love,
Trixie and Freya

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Life of a turtle cat

Before I let Freya share her blog post, I want to share something, because I don't think people think that Freya knows what's going on during these blogging sessions and that she's not around me when I tell her it's blogging day. This little furball behind me is Freya, this photo was taken just now. She knows what time it is, and she's ready for her input. That, that's a cat who's ready to blog and talk about the life of a turtle tortoiseshell cat.

I'm going to be helping Freya write for awhile, lol cat is really hard to read sometimes. I know it and Freya and I are really sorry.
Freya. Freya. 

Freya's blog:

Miss human girl says I've been overly friendly to her lately. I like to wake her up in the morning after she feeds me so we can talk. I like talking with human mom girl. She's nice, she feeds me and we love to cuddle. We cuddled all last morning. We called this morning too. She says it makes her happy. It makes me happy to cuddle. 

Adult human girl and I have a bond that I don't have with my little human girl. Little human girl is my best friend, and the first person I go to, but adult human girl and I are different. She feeds me, shares stuff with me and talks to me like I'm important. Little human girl is who I love to protect and who I spend time with.

Tomorrow, adult human and I have something to do for my blog for Friday. I don't know what it is, and she won't tell me. I want to know what it is. Oh well. I'll find out soon.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Freya, Freya, Freya

Human mom hiding because she's sick

Oh yay! It's Friday, Friday, it's Friday. As I human mom am helping Freya with her blog, she's clawing at the bed and being a silly kitty cat. Her typical Freya fashion. Typically beautiful and typically sassy. All torti-tude. She wanted me to remind everyone that I work for her.

Yeah, without further ado, I'll leave the floor to Freya. Since I'm writing for Freya tonight it won't be in lol cat. 

Yes, hello, it's me Freya. The humans think it's kind of silly that I like to share my toys with people while their in the bathroom. I try to put them all under the door because the humans forgot about me. But when I'm in the bathroom with them I don't play with toys. I sit in the bathtub, and look around. Mom human thinks that's silly. She says to me, "Freya, you're not taking a bath. You don't even like water." I tell her, "But mom, the water isn't on." I just like relaxing in the tub. 

Oh human man said something today that bothered me. I was sitting by my bowl because I was hungry. He said it wasn't feeding time, and that human sister needed to get me water. I tried tell him that I was hungry and not thirsty a few times and he didn't listen! He made human sister get me water only! I wanted food. It got me mad. Tonight I'm going to get my kitty revenge. 

I also got yelled at for being in the pantry room a bit ago. Mom human told me to get out. She said the last few times I walked in there without people knowing, they shut the door and couldn't find me for a few hours. I wasn't scared or mad when I was alone I liked it. I know how to cry and scratch. But human mom and dad said I can't stay in their because I might poop on the floor. I wouldn't I promise. 

That's all Freya has to say. I love all my human friends. Love Freya 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Can cats sense Illnesses?

For the last few days I've been sick, I have a handful of infections, sinus, bronchitis, and strep. I feel tired, sore, sometimes my head's pounding and I just don't want to move. All I want to do is sleep, and hope I get better soon. Feeling sick seems to take a lot out of someone.

It's what I noticed about Freya that surprised me the most. It was Monday, when I was relaxing on the bed, with a slightly sore throat and swollen lymph nodes that Freya came into the bedroom and wanted to cuddle. That's all she wanted to do, I'd get up to get me a drink, and she'd give me a strange look like I shouldn't be getting up. But it wasn't until I started coughing on Tuesday, that Freya started getting protective of me, and really concerned. She'd come into the bedroom, and sit on my lap during my really bad coughing spells.

They say that dogs are able to sniff out illnesses like migraines, cancer, seizures and a few other illnesses. But they never bring up the topic about cats. Dogs are a man's best friend, and best friends are very vigilant, but cats are just as amazing too right?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A message from Freya

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 iz wednesdai, an we all knoe wut 2 dai iz! iz teh dai wer i git 2 share sum moar things bout teh life ov cute lil torti kitteh. doan u jus luv me? arent i teh most beautiful ting evr? mah hooman mom thinkz dat im.thaz y i wants 2 tell evryone story bout wut i did yesturdai an todai 4 mah hooman mom.

hooman mom iz sick, she had 2 go 2 teh hooman docta. she has 3 typez ov infecshuns, an she feels sick. gues wut i did when she startd coughin an sayin "ouch," i came an sat on her lap an told her dat shd feelz bettr. i did teh upside down supr freya luv. i even snuggld against teh hooman mom so she felt bettr. she sed 2 me dat wut i did wuz gud job an dat she lovd me lot.

cuz i helpd hooman mom feelz bettr, hooman mom gaev me treat todai, she gaev me bite ov her danish. danish iz liek honey bun, kind ov. i doan liek danishez as mutch as i liek teh honey buns. i doan knoe y though. i jus doan. freya iz so happeh dat hooman mom thot bout her cute lil kitteh frend.